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Dead Sea Scrolls
Category: Books > Reference > Holy Land
Author/Artist: WISE MICHAEL
ISBN / ID: 9780060766627
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Price: AU$38.95
Description: This volume reveals: Intriguing revelations about biblical history and the roots of Christianity; Never-before-seen stories about Abraham, Jacob, and Enoch-- including a text explaining why God demanded the sacrifice of Isaac; Twelve texts not included in the Bible that claim Moses as their author; New psalms attributed to King David and to Joshua; Texts illuminating ancient doctrines about angels and writings claiming to be revelations of angels themselves-- including the Archangel Michael.

The translators provide pointed commentary throughout that places the scrolls in their true historical context. Their compelling, insightful introduction not only presents an overview of the often surprising contents of the scrolls, it discusses what are perhaps their greatest mysteries--who authored them and why.
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