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Beyond the Secular West
Category: Books > Theology > Philosophy
Author/Artist: BILGRAMI, AKEEL
ISBN / ID: 9780231170819
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Price: AU$49.99
Description: Beyond the Secular West is a collection of essays, edited by Akeel Bilgram and written by scholars from various backgrounds, religions, and cultures who discuss “secular” in a worldview rather than the western view of the term. They offer a diverse range of critical perspectives as each explores ways in which the secular and secularism are translated and transformed beyond Latin Christendom. The range of perspectives extends from China to India, from the Mexican Revolution to Sufi brotherhoods in Senegal. Despite the various regions and diverse disciplinary orientations represented in the essays, they hang together as a coherent collection and serve to represent and richly illuminate the complexity of the issue of secularity as a global phenomenon. The essays provide an interesting opportunity to compare practices and beliefs of other cultures, to our own beliefs and interpretations of other cultures. They provide a factual and enlightening read for those with an advanced interest in cultures and beliefs outside of the Western view.

Recommended uses of this book
For students of Church History and Anthropology
For those involved in inter-faith dialogue
For those seeking to understand the links between Religion, Culture and Public Life
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