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Sanctuary Creating a Space for Grace in Your Life

This book defines what sanctuary is, why we need it, where we can find it, and how we can create it as space and habit. For almost 30 years, Terry Her… >> more

Price: AU$31.95 (PAPERBACK)

Catholic Gardener's Spiritual Almanac

This one-of-a-kind book for gardeners explores the riches of the Catholic spiritual tradition in conjunction with all things gardening. Margaret Realy… >> more

Price: AU$36.95 (PAPERBACK)

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Ven. Sr Thecla Merlo - Thoughts.

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Simply Merton Wisdom from His Journals

In his search for God, Thomas Merton wrote on timeless themes and questions we still wrestle with today. Simplicity, nonviolence, honesty, mystery and… >> more

Price: AU$28.95 (PAPERBACK)

Why Is Jesus in the Microwave Funny Stories from Catholic Classrooms

As educators in America's Catholic classrooms, The Sisters of Notre Dame are no strangers to hilarious mix-ups, priceless mispronunciations and innoce… >> more

Price: AU$26.95 (PAPERBACK)

Pope Francis Speaks to Families Words of Joy and Life

Since his election, Pope Francis has expressed his concern for the urgent pastoral needs of families. In this collection, the Holy Father speaks to fa… >> more

Price: AU$23.95 (PAPERBACK)

Just Sustainablility Technology Ecology and Resource Extraction

This book is a study of the social, economic and conceptual changes needed on a global level for all of life to flourish in the twenty-first century. … >> more

Price: AU$69.95 (PAPERBACK)

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