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Books > Biographies > Biographies

Holiness in a Secular Age: The Writings of Cardinal Newman
Author/Artist: VELEZ, FR JUAN R
ISBN-10: 1594172811
ISBN-13: 9781594172816
Publisher: Scepter Publishers
Price: AU$36.95
Description: Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801–1890), the pre-eminent English intellectual and convert to Catholicism, was brought up in an Anglican home where his grandmother and an aunt first nurtured his love for the Bible. At the age of 15, he had a first conversion to Evangelical Christianity. For a few years he was influenced in his piety and biblical reading by evangelical authors, and later in the sacramental and ecclesial life by Anglican theologians. Then in 1845, through the study of the Church Fathers, he came to a profound understanding of authentic development of doctrine, in particular the exercise of the Pope’s office; it was then that he became Roman Catholic.

He lived during a period similar to ours: one of economic and technological progress that was accompanied by an embrace of materialism and a subsequent loss of faith and moral breakdown. Newman’s writings challenge us, living in a world similar to his. His writings on the subject of holiness, the practice of the Christian virtues, the objective nature of truth and its relationship to the moral conscience, university education, and the role of the laity in society and the Church are very much needed today.

Individuals, parish groups, and students at Newman Centers will benefit and learn from Blessed Newman’s life example, insights, and teachings found in this book.

Fr Juan Velez obtained a licentiate in theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and a doctorate in theology at the University of Navarre. In 1998 he was ordained a priest for the Prelature of Opus Dei.

Books > Children > Children's Books

Bonnie and Ben Rhyme Again
Author/Artist: FOX MEM
ISBN-10: 1742996248
ISBN-13: 9781742996240
Publisher: Omnibus Books
Price: AU$19.99
Description: From Mem Fox and Judy Horacek, the team behind best-selling classics including Ducks Away, This and That and Where is the Green Sheep, this delightful book is a companion to Good Night, Sleep Tight! Join Bonnie and Ben as they rhyme their way through the day...until a twinkle, twinkle, little star calls them home.

Yesterday You Were Here
ISBN-10: 174305520X
ISBN-13: 9781743055205
Publisher: Wakefield Press
Price: AU$19.95
Description: This touching, carefully sparse picture book for young readers aims to help young people dealing with the loss of a loved one to process and talk about their grief. 'In sadness this book will be a kind friend.' - Michael O'Connell, AM, APM, Commissioner for Victims' Rights

Books > Devotional > Way of the Cross

Contemplating the Face of Christ: A Way of the Cross
Author/Artist: RUPNIK, MARKO
ISBN-10: 0819816698
ISBN-13: 9780819816696
Publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
Price: AU$22.95
Description: The beautiful images in this special Way of the Cross by Father Marko Rupnik will enhance your prayer life or make a stunning gift that will be cherished for years. Art as accompaniment to prayer is a practice more ancient than the Church itself. As you contemplate the face of Christ in these images of his journey to the cross, you are bound to feel that which you read through Scripture and pray through these stations.

Books > Faith Formation > The Catholic Faith

Reason for the Seasons Why Christians Celebrate What and When They Do
Author/Artist: SCHALL JAMES V
ISBN-10: 1622826906
ISBN-13: 9781622826902
Publisher: Sophia Inst Press
Price: AU$32.95
Description: We cannot be joyful without knowing why we should be joyful. James V. Schall, S.J., presents these short but powerful chapters on the most important and joyful feasts of the Church’s liturgical year.

With Fr. Schall as your guide, you’ll come to understand more deeply the point of each celebration. You’ll learn truths about the feasts that will awaken you to real happiness, as you consider Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day, as well as the End Times that we encounter in the last Sundays of the liturgical year.

Rather than being encyclopedic discussions of each of the feasts, these reflections point to something new that you may have missed before, something of the meaning and depth of each feast. In any one of these discussions, you’ll find never-ending causes of insight into who we are and who God is.

In a word, this book affords you an opportunity to consider anew the great truths of our Faith handed down to us by our Church, and that each year are celebrated in Her Feasts.

Books > Gift Books > Gift Books

Grit and Grace: Uncommon Wisdom for Inspiring Leaders Designed to Make You Think
Author/Artist: QUOTABELLE
ISBN-10: 1631065300
ISBN-13: 9781631065309
Publisher: Quarto UK
Price: AU$26.99
Description: Grit & Grace is a collection of quotes, stories and sage advice from female trailblazers, creatively designed to inspire modern-day leaders.

Powerful words from ground-breakers like Marie Curie and Susan B. Anthony have moved and motivated us for generations. Today, many more women and girls are leading the way across all walks of life. This book is a showcase of the brilliant minds, innovative careers, and fascinating backstories of female leaders. You'll find world-famous and less-visible change-makers, including Nobel winners, CEOs and pop, an artisan ice cream maker, police chief, bishop, orchestra conductor and cruise ship captain.

Grit & Grace is the perfect companion for dreaming up fresh possibilities and translating vision into action. Its pages pair sourced quotations with the uncommon stories of a host of remarkable women, readying today's leaders to imagine new futures.

The book makes a meaningful gift for sisters, daughters, friends, teammates, teachers, colleagues, newly minted grads, and the other dreamers and doers in your life.

Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Ministry Books

Pastoral Leadership: Best Practices for Church Leaders
Author/Artist: EBENER, DAN R.
ISBN-10: 0809153785
ISBN-13: 9780809153787
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$44.99
Description: In this practical, visionary, and accessible book, teacher, author, and parish leader Dan Ebener explores what it takes to lead in a Catholic parish. He contends that anyone can lead change in a parish, with or without positional authority. The premise of this book is that the Church needs leadership. In most places, the Church is over-managed and under-led. To turn this around, we need clergy to:
1. Provide more leadership and less management themselves.
2. Develop the leadership potential of the laity. We need lay people to step up to lead and to manage. If the Church is to become more alive, we need lay people to step up and lead change as well. On the management side, we need clergy to step back and lay people to step up. On the leadership side, we need lay people who can lead without authority and clergy who can lead from a position of authority.
Readers of this book: seminarians, priests, deacons, and lay leaders will find this book enlightening and useful in their approach to parish leadership.

Books > Narrative > Narrative

Catch a Falling Star
Author/Artist: MCKINLAY, MEG
ISBN-10: 192538120X
ISBN-13: 9781925381207
Publisher: Walker & Co
Price: AU$17.99
Description: It’s 1979 and the sky is falling. Skylab, that is. Somewhere high above Frankie Avery, one of the world’s first space stations is tumbling to Earth. And rushing back with it are old memories. Things twelve-year-old Frankie thought she’d forgotten. Things her mum won’t talk about, and which her little brother Newt never knew. Only ... did he? Does he? Because as Skylab circles closer, Newt starts acting strangely. And while the world watches the sky, Frankie keeps her own eyes on Newt. Because if anyone’s going to keep him safe, it’s her. It always has been. But maybe this is something bigger than splinters and spiders and sleepwalking. Maybe a space station isn’t the only thing heading straight for calamity.

This coming-of-age story by multiple-award-winner Meg McKinlay is about loss and grief, dealing with change and fighting to hold on to what you can, while letting go of what you can’t.

Age Range: Age from 9 years

Books > Reference > Holy Land

To be a Pilgrim: A Reflective Guide to the Holy Land
ISBN-10: 0648232433
ISBN-13: 9780648232438
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Price: AU$20.95
Description: In To be a Pilgrim: A Reflective Guide to the Holy Land, Bishop Bradly Billings takes us on a journey, a pilgrimage.

Through his reflections and meditations based on his own experiences leading pilgrimages through the Holy Land, Bishop Bradly evokes the sights, sounds and smells as he follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Drawing from Scripture and from history both ancient and modern, each stop along the way is brought to life as the reader is led from the humble birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, through scenes of his baptism in the Jordan and travels through Galilee with his disciples, to his death and resurrection in Jerusalem.

With prayers and readings for the Stations of the Cross, a compendium of scriptural references related to each place, and practical information intended to guide the would-be and future pilgrim, To be a Pilgrim: A Reflective Guide to the Holy Land is a worthy companion.

Books > Schools > Education Resources

ISBN-10: 0648323358
ISBN-13: 9780648323358
Publisher: Freedom Publication
Price: AU$16.95
Description: This practical guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation is easy to read and understand and has been written by young Christians for young people.
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