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At Home with the Word 2020 LARGE PRINT
Category: Books > Devotional > Devotional Books
Author/Artist: HARTIN PATRICK J.
ISBN-10: 1616714557
ISBN-13: 9781616714550
Publisher: Liturgy Training Publicat
Price: AU$28.95
Description: At Home with the Word (large print) is a guide to a deeper understanding of the Sunday Scriptures, providing the readings for this liturgical year, insights from Scripture scholars and action steps.

This book also includes prayers and citations for weekday readings.

Birth of a Dancing Star: My Journey from Cradle Catholic to Cyborg Christian
Category: Books > Theology > Environmental Theology
Author/Artist: DELIO, ILIA
ISBN-10: 162698347X
ISBN-13: 9781626983472
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$49.95
Description: In this memoir Ilia Delio recounts a journey that took her from scientist to theologian and from traditional cloistered nun to a leading proponent of evolution and “cyborg life.”

Along the way we follow her discovery of the mystic-scientist Teilhard de Chardin and her entry into the Franciscan view of the cosmos as “locus of God’s self-revelation and self-becoming.”

A fascinating account!

Holy Land Challenging Questions from the Biblical Landscape
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
Author/Artist: MAYES, ANDREW D H
ISBN-10: 0281064660
ISBN-13: 9780281064663
Publisher: SPCK
Price: AU$28.95
Description: This book draws us into the evocative landscape of the Holy Land itself.

In Jerusalem, a veritable melting pot of cultures, we meditate on the question: What is home?

Reading this book will benefit those preparing to undertake a physical pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and those seeking a spiritual resource to deepen the life of faith and discipleship.

Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know
Category: Books > Reference > Reference Books
Author/Artist: PEARCE, JOSEPH
ISBN-10: 1733522123
ISBN-13: 9781733522120
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Price: AU$33.95
Description: Part of the What Every Catholic Should Know series, this book is an insightful introduction to the world's rich depository of stories.

It directs the reader back to The Story—the Story of Salvation History—because this is what great literature does.
Great literature directs us back to the Storyteller, God himself.

Allow Joseph Pearce to be your joyful guide on this brief pilgrimage through the literature every Catholic should know.

Message of Amoris Laetitia: Finding Common Ground
Category: Books > Church > Church History
Author/Artist: KASPER, WALTER
ISBN-10: 0809154285
ISBN-13: 9780809154289
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$29.99
Description: Cardinal Kasper points out that Amoris Laetitia, based on the Gospel and the documents of the Second Vatican Council, is a creative renewal of the tradition that picks up and carefully continues the work of the last pontificates.

In the service of The Joy of Love, Kasper constructively contributes to the discussion while taking in all points of view. In this work he shows the many aspects of the document and defends it against a one-sided interpretation.

Mystics: Twelve Who Reveal God's Love
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
Author/Artist: BODO, MURRAY
ISBN-10: 1632532840
ISBN-13: 9781632532848
Publisher: Franciscan Media
Price: AU$37.95
Description: Christianity is a mysterious faith.

Some of these mysteries can be described with Scripture or doctrine, but others can only be experienced.

Those graced with these experiences, these intimate glimpses of God, are called mystics.

Murray Bodo's sensitive guidance leads us into the heart of what these mystics have expressed about God and how their insight can deepen our own experience of the boundless mystery of a loving God.

Order of the Sacred Earth: An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
Author/Artist: FOX, MATTHEW ET AL
ISBN-10: 1939681863
ISBN-13: 9781939681867
Publisher: Monkfish Book Publishing
Price: AU$33.95
Description: Matthew Fox, a 76-year-old elder, activist and spiritual theologian along with Skylar Wilson, a 33-year-old wilderness guide, leader of inter-cultural ceremonies and an event producer and Jennifer Berit Listug, a 28-year-old writer, spiritual leader and publicist present a challenge and an opportunity in the vision launched in this modest book.

That vision is about creating an Order of the Sacred Earth.

They see this order as having a common goal: eco justice and sustainability of this one earth.

The Tao of Ordinariness: Humility and Simplicity in a Narcissistic Age
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
Author/Artist: WICKS, ROBERT J
ISBN-10: 0190937173
ISBN-13: 9780190937171
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Price: AU$33.95
Description: In this countercultural work, the strength and joy of exploring who you are–and proceeding to share yourself with others in a way that they too can reclaim themselves—is revisited from a range of vantage points.

Robert Wicks examines themes of humility, simplicity, letting go, self-awareness, ‘alonetime’, resilience and mentoring.

In an era when people increasingly measure self-worth by external measures, Wicks offers a return to your authentic self.

Truly Seeking God
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN-10: 0879072628
ISBN-13: 9780879072629
Publisher: Cistercian Pub
Price: AU$49.95
Description: "Truly seeking God" is the one requirement Saint Benedict establishes for the admission of a candidate to the monastery.

Bernard Bonowitz recounts the ways in which the monk actively seeks God in all the practices and places of the monastic life—in silence and liturgical prayer, work and leisure, solitude and community, spiritual direction and fraternal friendship, the encounter with nature and the encounter with the unsuspected recesses of his or her own heart.

Grace is ever at work!

Virgin, Mother, Queen: Encountering Mary in Time and Tradition
Category: Books > Spirituality > Mariology
ISBN-10: 1594719292
ISBN-13: 9781594719295
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$35.95
Description: The earliest of Mary’s apparitions can be traced back to the first century of the Church and have continued into modern times, inspiring devotion to Mary throughout the world.

In this book Michael O’Neill has gathered fascinating details from Mary’s mystical appearances.

Questions about the historical and theological development of Marian teachings throughout Church history are answered by Robert Fastiggi.
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