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Abba Father CD
Category: Music > Music CDs > Music CDs
Author/Artist: LANDRY CAREY
ISBN / ID: 9780002351485
Publisher: OCP Publications
Price: AU$34.99
Description: The richness of sacred Scripture and the original poetry of Carey Landry are the basis of this timeless inspirational music. Simple, singable and uplifting selections for the worshiping community.
Track listing:
1.  Abba, Father!
2.  And the Father Will Dance
3.  Transfiguration
4.  Dance in the Darkness
5.  With What Great Love
6.  Jesus Is Life
7.  Everyone Moved by the Spirit
8.  You Have Been Baptized in Christ
9.  Happy Are They
10.  Psalm 133: Oh, How Good
11.  Like a Seal on Your Heart
12.  Lay Your Hands
13.  In Him We Live
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