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101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II
Category: Books > Church > Church History
ISBN / ID: 9780809141333
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$24.95
Description: Pope John XXIII called Vatican II a new Pentecost in the church's life. While the meetings of 1962 through 1965 opened the church's windows to let the stale air out and the fresh winds in, the years since have been decades of contradictory movements: tradition and progress, conservation and innovation, reform and renewal, status quo and change. For people who have heard of Vatican II but have only experienced the Council through a glass darkly, this book will bring them to the preparations and expectations for the Council, the meetings and developments in 1962 through 1965, the internal church struggles and the exterior influences that shaped the final documents, as well as the many layers of experience and perspectives within the church since the Council adjourned.
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