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Mass for a Pilgrim People MUSIC NEW MASS SETTING
Category: Music > Music Books > New Mass Settings
Author/Artist: GRANT PETER
ISBN / ID: 9780958150774
Publisher: Willow Music
Price: AU$24.95
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Geoff Shalala 2011-07-13 18:22:01
Mass for a Pilgrim People offers an easily accessible setting for the proper parts of the revised Mass. The introduction of the revised liturgy has been incorporated into this beautiful setting and its ease of learning is a hallmark of this work. Various voicings, from the strong, vibrant rhythms of the Gloria to the soft reverence on the Lamb of God have made this setting a valuable asset to parish worship, and it tones beautifully with multiple disciplines of musical accompaniment, from full organ to contemporary guitar/piano and percussion. It sets tones very nicely for selected hymns in the mass and complements the full mass through its versatility. I hope you enjoy your liturgy with this masterful work.
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