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Stirring the Soul of Catholic Education Formation for Mission
Category: Books > Schools > Teacher Development
Author/Artist: GOWDIE JILL
ISBN / ID: 9780987306074
Publisher: Vaughan Publishing
Price: AU$49.95
Description: This book explores a new model of formation for Catholic Educators that is responsive to our time and place. Gowdie clearly identifies several major dimensions of the current culture which have a formative effect on educators. Through the comprehensive nature of her work she shows that the ecclesial, psychological, cultural and educational factors interact in the process of spiritual formation. Effective and relevant programmes in processes of initial and ongoing formation for Catholic educators aim to consider and blend all these factors. This promotes the necessary interdependence between the life-world of educators and the expectations of mission, inherent in the system-world of Catholic Education. In re-imagining a fresh approach to formation for Catholic educators, Gowdie recognises the diversity of needs and the range of possible starting points in the formation process. Hence she provides a range of formation models accompanied with a critical reflection on each. In addition there is a section on Practice Wisdom which records some case studies of current effective formation programmes.

Recommended uses
Directors of Catholic Education
Directors of Mission
Principals of Catholic Schools
Lecturers at the Australian Catholic University and Notre Dame, Australia
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