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Christian Experience An Introduction to Christianity
Category: Books > Church > Church History
ISBN / ID: 9781472582836
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: AU$78.99
Description: The Christian Experience presents an introduction to Christianity in a way which engages the reader beyond the normal constraints of a text book. Michael Molloy begins each chapter with a “first encounter” which aims to speak to the life experience of the students. He then attends to art, music and architecture in order to allow the Christian story to unfold. This enables Molloy to trace the development of Christian life and thought and to show how political and cultural events influenced Christians in different places, at different times. He is able to show how the world's largest religion been lived in varied parts of the world. Molloy offers a comprehensive view of Christianity in terms of time – past, present and future. He considers practices, insights, and artistic creations of Christians across the centuries, shows how Christian belief is being practiced in our own time. Then in conclusion he invites readers to imagine how Christianity might evolve in the future. The book features over 100 colour images, maps, and diagrams, and each chapter ends by pointing to additional print and electronic resources.

Recommended Uses:
•  Religious Education Teachers
•  Students of Religious Studies
•  Personal Enrichment
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