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Beatitude of Mercy Love Watches over Justice
Category: Books > Theology > Australian Society
Books > Theology > Social Justice
Author/Artist: VELING TERRY
ISBN / ID: 9781498207188
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Price: AU$10.95
Description: What is the relationship between justice and mercy? This is not merely a speculative question; it goes to the heart of many of our activities as human beings in both our personal and social relationships. How can I live with my fellow human beings in ways that are both just and merciful? The Beatitude of Mercy is a meditative exploration of this question. While it recognizes the importance of social justice--as a mutual indebtedness--it argues that without social mercy, even justice itself cannot save us. Mercy is not a countermeasure or complement to justice; rather, mercy "watches over justice." Mercy does not seek to thwart or deny justice's rightful claims, but to ensure that our practices of justice are never conducted solely according to calculation and measurement, but are also weighed or motivated by mercy and love.
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