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Bibles An Illustrated History from Papyrus to Print
Category: Books > Reference > Reference Books
ISBN / ID: 9781851242986
Publisher: Bodleian Library
Price: AU$29.99
Description: Presented chronologically, this book provides a fascinating look into the book-making techniques and characteristics of their time. From the fragile papyrus fragments of the ancient world to medieval illuminated manuscripts and glorious modern printed editions, each image is accompanied by a caption which explains its particular significance. In addition, each chapter includes a short introduction that contextualises each book within its time period. Featuring many unusual examples - some of which have never been illustrated in print before - the book includes many of the great biblical texts of the Eastern and Western traditions, including the Magdalen Papyrus, the Laudian Acts, the Anglo-Saxon Exodus, St Margaret's Gospel-book, the Douce Apocalypse, the Bible Moralisee (MS. Bodley 270b), the Kennicott Bible, the Guttenberg Bible and the King James Bible.
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