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Climate Change The Challenge to All of Us
Category: Books > Theology > Environmental Theology
Author/Artist: MCDONAGH SEAN
ISBN / ID: 9781856075626
Publisher: Columba Press
Price: AU$30.95
Description: Sean McDonagh aims to help readers understand that climate change is not just one environmental problem among a host of others. Chapter one deals with the atmosphere and attempts to separate our naturally occurring warming and cooling periods of the earth’s history from human-induced climate change. Chapter two investigates the connection between climate change and extreme weather patterns. Chapter three looks at the impact of climate change on the oceans and the living world. Chapter four surveys the various responses to climate change, ranging from denial to attempts to address it. Chapter five outlines the run-up to the Kyoto Protocol on limiting greenhouse gases in 1997 and what has been achieved since. Some people put forward nuclear power as a way of dealing with climate change. Chapter six investigates that claim. Chapter seven concentrates on what can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Chapter eight discusses what is involved in the concept of ‘peak oil’ and how that will affect modern transport systems. The final chapter looks at how the churches have responded to the challenge of climate change and what the churches should be doing to address this challenge in the next few years.
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