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Apocalypse An Introductory Commentary
Category: Books > Scripture > New Testament
ISBN / ID: 9781875463008
Publisher: Chevalier Press
Price: AU$20.00
Description: The Apocalypse is a dramatic and richly symbolic manifesto of the ultimate victory of love, of the values of Christ over against the oppression of the Roman state at the close of the first century. Modern attempts to identify current events in its pages are misguided. The aim of its author was to help his contemporaries see the events of their own day in the light of faith, not to offer them tantalizing images of future events. Our situation today differs from that of the first readers of this book and the author had no interest in possible future events, yet his message remains relevant for us. The Apocalypse is a clarion call to persevere in our attachment to Christ and so to God, to name, and to condemn those elements within our own social, economic and political systems which are responsible for injustices similar to those against which John is speaking. The Christian community is to be the radiant manifestation in this world of the active presence of the exalted Christ drawing all people to himself.
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