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Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
Category: Books > Scripture > Scripture Series
Books > Scripture > Old Testament
ISBN / ID: 9788869400254
Publisher: Chevalier Press
Price: AU$8.80
Description: The Book of Ezra tells the story of the return of the exiles from Babylon to Judah, and the re-building of the temple. Drawing on the memoirs of Ezra, it goes on to record his arrival in Judah in 458BC and his work in reforming the life of the community according to the law, which he brought with him from Babylon. Tradition looks on him as a second Moses, who established the foundations of post-exilic Judaism.
The Book of Nehemiah draws on Nehemiah’s memoirs to tell the story of his period as governor of Judah, firstly from 445-433BC, and then for a second term some years later. It was he who saw to the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.
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