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Rooted in Christ 12 Faith Formation Sessions for Adults
author/artist: WIEST JEANNE
publisher: Twenty Third Pub
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$43.95
Seek the Living God Five RCIA Inquiry Questions for Making Disciples
author/artist: WAGNER NICK
publisher: Liturgical Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$29.95
Spirit At Work Conversion and the RCIA
author/artist: MARCHAL MICHAEL
publisher: World Library Publ.
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$24.95
Walking in Newness of Life The Sacraments of Initiation
author/artist: SARGENT ROBERT
publisher: Paulist Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$17.95
Way of Catechesis Exploring Our History Renewing Our Ministry
author/artist: BAUMBACH GERARD F
publisher: Ave Maria Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$55.95
Way of Faith A Field Guide to the RCIA Process
author/artist: WAGNER NICK
publisher: Twenty Third Pub
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$33.95
When You are a RCIA Sponsor
author/artist: SENSEMAN RITA
publisher: Franciscan Media
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$12.95
Year Round Catechumenate
author/artist: BIRMINGHAM MARY
publisher: Liturgy Training Publicat
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$23.95
Your Parish Is the Curriculum RCIA in the Midst of the Community
author/artist: MACALINTAL DIANA
publisher: Liturgical Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$32.95
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