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Israel's Prophets and the Prophetic Effect of Pope Francis
ISBN-10: 1532647174
ISBN-13: 9781532647178
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Price: AU$33.95
Description: Pope Francis is a popular global religious leader. Yet there is a dichotomy of opinions about him. Is it because he exercises his magisterial teaching office in a manner consistent with the famous injunction of St Francis of Assisi, "to preach the gospel always and, if necessary, use words", that he simultaneously comforts but challenges, clarifies and confuses, consoles yet confounds?

In the light of the lessons drawn from the nature, meaning, and functions of Israel's prophets, this tripartite work historically, pastorally, and theologically examines Francis' teaching, his visits, outreach to the poor, his preaching, and recent biblically based writings (Lumen Fidei, Evangelii Gaudium, Amoris Laetitia, Laudato Si', Gaudete et Exsultate, Letters, and Messages) as to whether, and how these have had any prophetic effects or impact on contemporary society.

Books > Faith Formation > R.C.I.A.

Divine Blessing: Liturgical Formation in the RCIA
Author/Artist: O'MALLEY, TIMOTHY P
ISBN-10: 0814663613
ISBN-13: 9780814663615
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$34.95
Description: RCIA teams often struggle with getting catechumens and candidates to participate regularly in the church's liturgy. Those who do often feel bored or confused, or they see it as a nice tradition or an inconvenient obligation rather than the heart of our Catholic faith. So we fill the gap with more catechesis that explains the liturgy to seekers, and we pray they will have a better personal experience on Sunday. Yet neither causes them to love the liturgy as we do.

In Divine Blessing: Liturgical Formation in the RCIA, Timothy P. O'Malley shows us how we can break out of a classroom model about liturgy and instead invite seekers to be formed by the Risen Christ through the liturgy. This book will give you a process for preparing your catechumens and candidates to learn the liturgy's symbolic language of self-giving love that will sustain them with divine blessing and train them to be Christ's disciples in the world.

Books > Psychology > Psychology Books

No Worries: A Guide to Releasing Anxiety and Worry Using CBT
Author/Artist: EDELMAN SARAH
ISBN-10: 0733339778
ISBN-13: 9780733339776
Publisher: ABC Books
Price: AU$32.99
Description: Anxiety and worry rob us of the ability to think clearly, enjoy life and function effectively at home, at work and in social situations. One in five Australians have an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, and many more have periods of debilitating anxiety.

Sarah Edelman uses proven strategies from a range of psychological approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and metacognitive therapy (MCT). Her book explains how worry and anxiety operate, recommending tools to use to help release habits. It contains real-life examples, exercises and experiments to help:

- identify and release unhelpful thinking and safety behaviours that perpetuate worry
- recognise and let go of worry thoughts
- effectively deal with the unpleasant physical sensations that can arise from worry and anxiety
- learn to manage panic attacks.

Books > Scripture > John

The Kingship of Jesus in the Gospel of John
Author/Artist: KIM, SEHYUN
ISBN-10: 1532617224
ISBN-13: 9781532617225
Publisher: Pickwick Publications
Price: AU$43.95
Description: This book studies kingship with reference to the Johannine Jesus. Postcolonialism leads us to an avenue from which to read this Gospel in the more complex and wider context of the hybridized Jewish and Greco-Roman worlds of the Roman Empire in the first century CE. This provides a new perspective on the kingship of the Johannine Jesus, whose kingly identity is characterized by hybridized christological titles.

Using many christological titles, it presented Jesus as the universal king going beyond the Jewish Messiah(s) and the Roman emperors and also as the decolonizer who came to ""his own"" world to liberate his people from the darkness. In this respect, the ideology of the Johannine emphasizes that love, peace, freedom, service of the center for the margins, and forgiveness are the ruling forces in the new world where Jesus reigns as king.

Books > Scripture > Old Testament

The Genesis Creation Account in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Author/Artist: LYON JEREMY D
ISBN-10: 1532607768
ISBN-13: 9781532607769
Publisher: Pickwick Publications
Price: AU$38.95
Description: The Dead Sea Scrolls continue to shed ancient light on both the text and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible during the Second Temple period. Among the scrolls are several copies of Genesis dating from the first century BC to the mid-first century AD that contain portions of text from the creation account. These fragmentary copies have provided an unprecedented glimpse into the condition of the text in antiquity and have also provided a unique window into certain scribal practices in the copying of the text.

In addition, several texts from Qumran contain the most ancient surviving interpretations of the Genesis creation account, dating from the mid-second century BC to the first century AD. A literary analysis of these texts reveals how ancient Jews interpreted and employed the creation account. These diverse texts address issues such as the creation of various entities (the universe, angels, Eden, humanity), Adamís dominion and knowledge in Eden, Godís election of Israel on the first Sabbath, the prohibition in the garden and Adamís rebellion, and the Garden of Eden as an archetype of the sanctuary.

Theological Themes of Psalms
Author/Artist: BELL, ROBERT D
ISBN-10: 1532654162
ISBN-13: 9781532654169
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Price: AU$53.95
Description: The pastor who seeks to preach expositionally through Psalms faces a daunting task, for the sermon series would take several years to complete and many of the sermons would seem repetitious because of similar psalms. To respond to this challenge the author has used the "book theology" method to analyze the Book of Psalms into twenty-eight theological themes, providing the preacher with material for approximately a one-year series on the book. Each chapter includes a list of applicable theological propositions that can be preached or taught to contemporary audiences. Then the chapter concludes by linking the topic to New Testament passages.

This monograph contains over seventy tables, mainly charting the Hebrew terms used for a particular theme. Careful textual and exegetical notes provide guidance for translation and interpretation of many verses. Relevant Hebrew word studies inform theological understanding and backing up the analysis are numerous references to Psalm commentaries, both classical and contemporary.

Books > Spirituality > Classics

Julian of Norwich: in God's Sight Her Theology in Context
ISBN-10: 111909965X
ISBN-13: 9781119099659
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Price: AU$41.95
Description: Julian of Norwich, the late fourteenth-century and early fifteenth-century English woman theologian, through her mystical writings, has become one of the most popular and influential spiritual figures of our times. The eminent scholar Philip Sheldrake offers a study of Julian's theology as expressed in her writings. He examines what is known about Julianís mystical experience or mystical consciousness. Based on a faithful reading of Julianís texts, especially the Long Text, as well as on her own declared theological-spiritual purpose, this compelling book:

- presents a contextually-grounded and text-related study of the key elements of Julianís theology
- offers a scholarly work by a well-known expert in the field
- unlocks an ever-richer understanding of Julianís writings
- includes an examination of the key texts attributed to Julian.

Written for students of theology and those interested in learning more about this popular mystic, Julian of Norwich: In God's Sight offers a scholarly review of Julianís most important writings.

Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books

Retreats to Go
Author/Artist: FOSTER, SUSAN J
ISBN-10: 1532644566
ISBN-13: 9781532644566
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Price: AU$43.95
Description: Retreats to Go: Twelve Creative Programs that Renew and Refresh offers a resource for planning your next retreat. Each Scripture-based theme includes resources for ice breakers, music, quotes, small and large group activities, reflection questions, worship materials, and craft ideas.

Designed for those who wish to lead retreats but may not have time for research and planning, this helpful guide offers engaging, easy-to-use programs for adults and older teens. The flexible format can be used for a weekend retreat, a day away, or weekly study group gatherings.

What Are You Looking For? Seeking the God Who Is Seeking You
ISBN-10: 0809154749
ISBN-13: 9780809154746
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$26.99
Description: Joan Chittister offers here an insightful, passionate, and honest exploration of the religious life, a life lived entirely through the filter of the Gospel.

Not just aimed at those who may be on the point of deciding whether they ought to think about entering religious life themselves, this book is for all people who care about the place and nature of religious life in the Christian community, since it has shaped generation after generation of the church. What is religious life?; what is it attempting to do?; what has it become in the last fifty years?; and what value is it to anybody, whether they want to be a part of it or not? These are some of the questions Chittister takes on in this engaging, thought-provoking book.

Books > Theology > Environmental Theology

Fragile World
ISBN-10: 1498283403
ISBN-13: 9781498283403
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: AU$59.95
Description: In Fragile World: Ecology and the Church, scholars and activists from Christian communities as far-flung as Honduras, the Philippines, Colombia, and Kenya present a global angle on the global ecological crisis and offer Catholic resources for responding to it. This volume explores the deep interconnections, for better and for worse, between the global North and the global South, and analyzes the relationship among the physical environment, human society, culture, theology, and economics, the "integral ecology" described by Pope Francis in Laudato Si'.

Integral ecology demands that we think deeply about humans and the physical environment, but also about the God who both created the world and sustains it in being. At its root, the ecological crisis is a theological crisis, not only in the way that humans regard creation and their place in it, but in the way that humans think about God. For Pope Francis, therefore, "A fragile world, entrusted by God to human care, challenges us to devise intelligent ways of directing, developing, and limiting our power".
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