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Introduction to

Welcome to Pauline Books & Media Online! Whether you are looking for a particular title or just browsing around, we hope you find the website a useful service.

The range of titles on the website represents the majority of titles available in our Sydney book centre, most of which are also available in our Melbourne and Adelaide book centres (click here for street locations), however, we are able to order titles on request.

Please check our site regularly or subscribe to one of our PB&M mailing lists to see the newest titles available, our featured titles as well as the latest news and events.

Thank you for visiting Pauline Books & Media Online!

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Privacy respects your right to privacy under the Privacy Act 1988 and complies with the national privacy principles in respect of the collection of personal information from individuals.

The information we collect
On our website, you can order products, subscribe to one of our mailing lists, or submit customer book reviews. The sort of personal information that may be collected from these pages includes your name, address, email address, telephone number, fax number, credit card information and information about your areas of interest.

For further information, please see our privacy policy.

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Shopping Security

At we consider the security of your information to be of paramount importance. We have implemented security measures designed to provide the peace of mind you should expect when purchasing goods over the Internet. When you place an order, our secure server uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to connect to our website, which encrypts all the information sent from your PC.

We delete all credit card details from the website upon the completion of an order, and therefore retain credit card details for the shortest possible time.

Please note that while best endeavours to protect all such information at all times, we do not accept any responsibility for unauthorised access to the information.

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How to Order an Item

What is the shopping cart and how does it work?
The shopping cart holds all the items that you are ordering. You can keep adding or deleting items from the shopping cart until you go to the checkout.

How do I put my selected items into the shopping cart?
Each time you find an item you would like to buy, simply click ‘Add to Cart’, and the book will be placed in your shopping cart. You can then click ‘Continue Shopping’ and continue to browse the site. The books you have put in your shopping cart will remain there, should you continue to browse for more titles.

How do I update my changes to the shopping cart?
Every time you add a book to your shopping cart using the ‘Add to Cart’ button, it will appear on your order page (simply ‘View Shopping Cart’). If you would like to change the quantity of an item in your shopping cart simply type the correct number in the ‘Qty’ column and click the ‘Update’ button.

Do I have to buy every book I put in the shopping cart?
No. If you would like to delete an item from your order, simply click the ‘Delete’ button found next to the item you wish to remove from your order.

How do I place my final order?
When you have added all the titles you would like to buy to your shopping cart, click ‘Check Out’ and complete the personal information required on the following pages.

Can I pay for my order without transmitting my credit card details?
Yes. You can pay for your order by contacting our physical store nearest to you and providing us with your credit card details over the phone (02 9264 8630) or by fax (02 9261 8276). We can also invoice your customer account.

When we have received your credit card payment, your order will be processed and the books dispatched to your nominated address.

Customers outside Australia please note: all orders are payable in Australian dollars ($AUD).

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Shopping Cart Problems

If you are experiencing problems with our shopping cart (for example, you are adding books to the shopping cart but it still displays as empty), this may be for either of two reasons:

1. Your browser is not configured to accept cookies (click here for more information about cookies).
2. You need to click the ‘Refresh’ or ‘Reload’ button on your browser to update your screen.

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How to Search for a Title

There are two main ways to search for a title, either by using the ‘Quick Search’ or ‘Advanced Search’. Both search options are found on the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

Using the Quick Search
If you know all or even a few of the words in the title you are searching for, or alternatively, the author or artist’s first name or surname, simply type this information into the Quick Search space provided and click on ‘Go’.

The search will produce a list of items in our database which have titles that include a combination of all the words you entered into the search field. For example, if you enter ‘history’ and ‘popes’, the search results would include ‘Compact History of the Popes’, but not ‘Acting through History’ or ‘Chronicle of the Popes’.

Quick Search will carry out an ‘either/or’ search query if ‘or’ is placed between the words submitted. For example, if you enter ‘history or popes’ the search results would include ‘Acting through History’, ‘Chronicle of the Popes’ and ‘Compact History of the Popes’.

Using the Advanced Search
The PB&M ‘Advanced Search’ allows you to search our database using one or a combination of 5 search criteria.

1. General Hints
Do not use punctuation, e.g. full stops (.), dashes or hyphens (-), strokes, colons (:), or accents in any of the search fields.
The search fields are not case-sensitive, so you may enter any words in all upper-case (capital letters), or lower-case, or in a combination of upper and lower case, and the results presented will not be affected.

2. Search Using Multiple Fields
The PB&M Advanced Search allows you to refine your search by adding specific search criteria to more than one search field at a time. You may enter or select search criteria in any or all of these fields: Author/Artist, Title, Description or Category. As an ISBN is a unique number only ever assigned to a single book, it is not possible to enter additional search criteria if you choose to search by ISBN.

For more search tips click here.

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Payment Options accepts the following methods of payment:

• Credit card (Visa card, Master card and Bank card)
• Invoice to customer account

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Our returns policy
We will accept returns and offer to exchange goods up to 14 days after you receive your order. Any items returned to us for exchange must be in their original condition and must be accompanied by proof-of-purchase (tax invoice). Audio visuals items, computer software and posters can not be returned.

Please note that we exchange but do not refund.

Initial delivery charges will only be refunded if the books you are returning are not the books you ordered; that is, if you received the books as a result of our error.

Please wrap items securely before returning or deliver personally to one of our physical book centres; items damaged in transit will not be accepted for exchange.

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Book Availability and Information

Is my title available now?
The vast range of titles listed on are available in stock, however some items may be out of stock at the time you place your order. If you urgently require an item, please confirm its availability by contacting [email protected].

What if I can’t find the book I’m looking for?
If you are unable to find the book you’re looking for – it may be out of print or just hard to find, please contact [email protected].

Can you tell me more about a title?
We regularly update our site with the latest new titles and featured titles in various categories. These titles will usually appear with the corresponding cover image, ISBN (the international standard, unique identifier or a particular edition of a particular book), publisher, binding, description, and if available, staff or customer reviews.

Many other titles on our site also have cover images and descriptions (‘more info’), but where these do not appear, all we can provide is the information that appears on-screen for any title. We are working hard to bring you more reviews, descriptions and cover images, in short, more information about every item we stock.

Please note that while Pauline Books & Media makes every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information about each title in our database, we do not give any warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the item description (‘more info’), nor do we accept any responsibility arising in any way (including negligence) for errors in, or omissions from, the contents of item descriptions.

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Delivery Information

How much do you charge for delivery, and do you ship overseas?

1. Delivery within Australia
Delivery charges depend on the parcel weight and delivery location. Delivery charges include GST. If you require confirmation of delivery charges please request this in the comments box of your order.

2. Delivery outside Australia
Delivery to any destination outside Australia depends on the delivery method selected, weight of the parcel and country of destination; delivery outside of Australia is exclusive of GST. If you require confirmation of delivery charges please request this in the comments box of your order.

How long will it take to receive my order?
If items are in stock, your order will generally be despatched the same day. The actual time of delivery will depend on the service of Australia Post.

If you order multiple books and they are not all in stock, we will advise you of their anticipated arrival times, and seek your delivery instructions.

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Pricing & GST

Prices on the website and in our physical book centres may differ. Prices shown on the website apply to goods purchased online. Please check the price with the store before making purchases in store.

What does do about changes in price?
Occasionally an item is mis-priced on the website or is out of stock at the time of ordering and comes into stock at a new price. Before dispatching your order, we check the prices of items. If the item’s price is lower than our price as displayed on our website, we charge you the lower amount and send you the book. If the item’s price is higher than the price displayed on our website, we contact you for instructions before sending you the item.

All prices are in Australian dollars $AUD and include GST.

Overseas customers are not charged GST on their order.

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Pauline Books & Media’s Mailing Lists

To subscribe to one of our mailing lists, click on ‘Mailing List’ at the top of the PB&M homepage. Enter your email address in the space provided and click ‘Submit’. You will then be asked to indicate the mailing list to which you would like to subscribe: general or schools.

General Mailing List
A weekly New Titles newsletter will be sent to your email address, including a list of new titles, title blurb and cover image.

Schools Mailing List
A New Titles newsletter will be sent periodically to your email address, including a list of new titles, a title blurb and cover image.

If you would like to change the mailing list to which you belong, click on ‘Mailing List’ at the top of the PB&M homepage, insert the email address subscribed to the list and click ‘manage’. You will then be able to select your preferred mailing list.

Note that it is possible to subscribe to more than one mailing list.

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Contact Us

Follow this link for our contact details and Opening Hours.

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Please note: All prices listed on this site are in Australian Dollars (AU$) and are GST inclusive.
Prices may change without notice. Postage & packing extra.
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