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Catholicism for Dummies 3rd EDITION
Category: Books > Faith Formation > The Catholic Faith
ISBN-10: 1119295602
ISBN-13: 9781119295600
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Price: AU$35.95
Description: Catholicism For Dummies offers a casual, straightforward introduction to the ins and outs of the contemporary church.

It explores the moral foundations of Catholicism and explains such sacraments as weddings, Baptisms, funerals, Confirmations and First Communions.

It also covers the basics of Catholic belief, including the story of creation, the origin of sin and even the end of the world.

Giving Up Without Giving Up: Meditation and Depressions
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
Author/Artist: GREEN, JIM
ISBN-10: 1472957458
ISBN-13: 9781472957450
Publisher: Continuum
Price: AU$27.99
Description: 'What if the suffering that we call depression contains experiences and lessons without which we cannot be fully alive?'

This book explores the possibility that we have much to learn from the desert times in our lives, when it feels as though we are losing everything, most of all any sense of who we are.

“Jim Green has described a new approach to the corrosive suffering of depression … His special gift is shown in connecting to the sources of healing found in literature, faith and contemplative practice. Anyone suffering from depression who reads this book will feel both understood and gently guided forward.” – Laurence Freeman, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation

Jesus Savior of the World
Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
Author/Artist: MONGE, MARLYN
ISBN-10: 0819840351
ISBN-13: 9780819840356
Publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
Price: AU$19.99
Description: This board book about Jesus places him within the context of the Holy Family, loved by his mother and protected by his foster father. It exemplifies to very young children the importance of recognizing Jesus' humanity.

Mary Mother of Jesus
Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
Author/Artist: MONGE, MARLYN
ISBN-10: 0819849707
ISBN-13: 9780819849700
Publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
Price: AU$19.99
Description: This board book introduces children, ages 0 to 4, to Mary and illustrates her love for Jesus. The story teaches them that Mary is someone we can turn to in prayer and faith.

Prayers for Faithful Families: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Life
Category: Books > Schools > Education Resources
Author/Artist: SMITH, TRACI
ISBN-10: 1506452248
ISBN-13: 9781506452241
Publisher: Beaming Books
Price: AU$33.95
Description: Prayers for Faithful Families provides parents with simple prayers for a wide variety of occasions.

From everyday moments like mealtime and bedtime to milestones such as the first day of school, the death of a pet or welcoming a new baby, this prayer book is a resource for creating meaningful faith connections.

Set Aside Every Fear
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN-10: 1594719756
ISBN-13: 9781594719752
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$21.95
Description: This book open a gate for you, to make accessible one of history’s most extraordinary women, Catherine of Siena.

You are invited to meditate and pray its words on a daily basis over a period of 30 days

Catherine brought together two frequently unconnected charisms—mysticism and active ministry—and embodied both throughout her life.

Her intimacy with God through prayer enabled her to minister to the poor and sick more deeply and to boldly speak truth to Church authorities.

Sharing the Gift : Resources Book for Passing on Christian Meditation
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
Author/Artist: NATARAJA, KIM
ISBN-10: 0957576102
ISBN-13: 9780957576100
Publisher: Mediacom Associates Inc
Price: AU$31.95
Description: This Resources Book contains a wealth of articles to support you in sharing the gift of Christian meditation with others at all levels.

The range of contributions covers all aspects of the essential teaching of the tradition as taught by The World Community for Christian Meditation.

These resources could be used for deepening one's personal knowledge, or as inspiration for giving a talk or organising a meditation event.

Songs from my Soul
Category: Books > Gift Books > Gift Books
ISBN-10: 0648725111
ISBN-13: 9780648725114
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$22.95
Description: These poems have their origin in the seven years the author spent among the Walmajarri people of Western Australia.

The poems are presented not simply as a record of Marie Williams’ time in the Great Sandy Desert but as an invitation to discover the spirit of the land and to rejoice in the familiarity available to all who are open to those promptings in the journey of life.

Sparks of the Universe: Rituals Awakening Appreciation for Earth our Common Home
Category: Books > Schools > Teacher Development
ISBN-10: 0648725138
ISBN-13: 9780648725138
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$24.95
Description: Inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, On Care for our Common Home this book is a resource for educators, students and all those committed to awakening ecological awareness.

The rituals in Sparks of the Universe invite stillness, deep listening, communal reflection and engagement with the environment.

A rich Australian resource for schools and parishes!

The Essential Therapy of the Soul CD
Category: Talks > Audio Talks > Audio Talks
ISBN-10: 9810941013
ISBN-13: 9789810941017
Publisher: Medio Media
Price: AU$12.95
Description: These talks introduce Christian meditation as a spiritual discipline and a way of healing and wholeness. Meditation takes us from the mind to the heart, the deepest centre of our being. In that deep centre, we meet Christ and find all that we seek most deeply in life – meaning, purpose, truth, love. The experience is therapy for the soul and it transforms us.

Laurence Freeman’s simple teaching and lucid responses to frequently asked questions will inspire you to begin and encourage you to persevere on the journey.
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