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A Year With the Bible: 365 Daily Reflections
Category: Books > Bibles > Bibles
Books > Scripture > Bible Study
ISBN-10: 1784696188
ISBN-13: 9781784696184
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK
Price: AU$44.95
Description: A Year with the Bible: 365 Daily Reflections is a commentary on Sacred Scripture written by renowned biblical scholar Dom Henry Wansbrough, who has dedicated his life to studying the word of God.

The 365 commentaries on selected bible passages give the reader a greater understanding of the love of God revealed in the bible. Each commentary is a reflection to deepen the understanding of the word of God.

For those who wish to read the entire bible in a year, there is a reading plan to take you chronologically through the bible. Guided by Dom Henry, this is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the bible better.

Annunciation: A Call to Faith in a Broken World
Category: Books > Spirituality > Mariology
Author/Artist: READ, SALLY
ISBN-10: 1621643026
ISBN-13: 9781621643029
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Price: AU$28.95
Description: Sally Read, through meditation and anecdote, began writing down the compelling reasons for holding onto both God and Church as she sensed the precarious nature of faith in an increasingly secular world.

She takes the Annunciation as her template and explores common experiences of the spiritual life: God's presence and invitation; the fears we have to let go; the realization of our identity in God and when God feels very distant from us.

Drawing on Scripture, lives of the saints, and the lives of people, Read has known personally and professionally as a nurse, how God is with us always, through suffering, spiritual dryness and depression, as well as in joyful and mystical ways.

Creation's Wisdom: Spiritual Practice and Climate Change
Category: Books > Theology > Environmental Theology
Author/Artist: WOLPERT, DANIEL
ISBN-10: 1626984018
ISBN-13: 9781626984011
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$49.99
Description: Creation's Wisdom speaks to the need for a spirituality during a time of massive climate change, crisis, and disruption. What does such a spirituality look like? What are the practices that can guide us?

If creation is in crisis, then our spirituality must directly engage this creation and articulate a spiritual framework that will allow us to relate to both the world and the crisis we face, that is both life-giving and healthy.

Dorothy Day in Australia
Category: Books > Biographies > Biographies
Author/Artist: NOONE, VAL
ISBN-10: 0646820885
ISBN-13: 9780646820880
Publisher: Val Noone
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Dorothy Day (1897-1980), writer and co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement, is one of the most interesting and puzzling figures in the history of American Catholicism and of American dissent.

With Peter Maurin, a wandering French-born scholar, she ran a house of hospitality in New York's lower east side and founded a monthly newspaper called the Catholic Worker, from which a movement grew and continues today.

In August 1970, Dorothy visited Australia. To mark the 50th anniversary, Val Noone, who spent time with her on that occasion, puts on record details of her stay and explores her long-term impact. For instance, in Australia, her practice and ideas offered an alternative to the Santamaria movement. This book tables and respects the intriguing enigmas of Dorothy's life, with a focus on her Australian connections. Although dealing with religion, it is written for the general reader.

Fratelli Tutti Encyclical PRE-ORDER
Category: Books > Documents > Church Documents
Author/Artist: POPE FRANCIS
ISBN-10: 1925494667
ISBN-13: 9781925494662
Publisher: St Pauls Publications
Price: AU$14.95
Description: "Fratelli tutti" is the title Pope Francis has chosen for his new encyclical. The original Italian title will be used, without being translated, in all the languages in which the document is published. Since it is a direct quotation from St Francis (taken from the Admonitions, 6, 1: FF 155), the Pope has obviously not changed it. But the formulation of the title in no way intends to exclude women.

Francis chose the words of the Saint of Assisi to initiate a reflection on something he cares about very deeply: namely, fraternity and social friendship. He therefore addresses all his sisters and brothers, all men and women who populate the earth: everyone, inclusively, and in no way exclusively.

We live in a time marked by war, poverty, migration, climate change, economic crises, pandemic. Recognizing a brother or sister in everyone we meet and, for Christians, recognising the face of Jesus in the other who suffers – these responses reaffirm the irreducible dignity of every human person created in the image of God.

Habits for a Healthy Marriage: A Handbook for Catholic Couples
Category: Books > Family Life > Family Life
ISBN-10: 1621642410
ISBN-13: 9781621642411
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Price: AU$34.95
Description: Drawing on his forty years as a marriage and family psychiatrist, Dr. Fitzgibbons presents a book that can bring self-knowledge and healing to struggling marriages. It will help couples to identify and resolve the major emotional conflicts that weaken their relationships and hurt their marriage.

The book demonstrates the benefits from a commitment to a mission of personal growth in acknowledging one's fault, receiving and giving forgiveness and cultivating virtues. This healing process is both fulfilling and demanding.

Whether you are newly engaged, recently married, or married for many years, the conflict-resolving strategies described in this book can help to build a healthy marriage.

Home by Another Way: A Christmas Story
Category: Books > Children > Children's Advent & Christmas Books
ISBN-10: 1947888005
ISBN-13: 9781947888005
Publisher: Flyaway Books
Price: AU$35.95
Description: This enchanting book follows the three wise men on their world-changing journey to Bethlehem.

In this retelling of their adventure, Taylor captures the power of one very special star and gives readers a new perspective on the three wise men and their encounters with King Herod, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

Home by Another Way: A Christmas Story features captivating artwork from Melanie Cataldo -- a perfect gift for children.

Human Kindness: True Stories That Reveal the Depths of the Human Experience
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
Author/Artist: HOLLIS, RENEE
ISBN-10: 192582005X
ISBN-13: 9781925820058
Publisher: Exisle Publishing Pty Ltd
Price: AU$29.99
Description: Kindness comes in many forms and affects all of us. And while a kind gesture can often simply make someone feel better about their day, sometimes, as the 25 true stories collected here show, it can save a life.

Sourced from around the world, these are stories of the everyday and the extraordinary that explore all that is best about human nature: from the woman who stopped a suicidal man from jumping just by taking the time to listen to him, to the couple who fostered a baby they found abandoned in a rubbish bin when no one else could help; from the students who came to the rescue of an elderly man fallen on black ice, to the response of a terrorist leader when confronted by a young child’s cries for her favourite doll.

The stories in this book will comfort, intrigue, absorb and challenge you. They capture life's essence.

Let Go of Anger and Stress: Be Transformed by the Fruits of the Spirit
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
Author/Artist: ZIMAK, GARY
ISBN-10: 1594719837
ISBN-13: 9781594719837
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$29.95
Description: How do you let the Spirit work in you to bear good fruit when you are dealing with the never-ending drama of social media, a frustrating co-worker, or the aggravating next-door neighbor? How do you stop letting stress and anger take control of your life?

Using the nine fruits of the Spirit as a guide, Gary Zimak will help you free yourself from anger and stress to find peace.

Letters of Tribulation
Category: Books > Church > Pope Francis
Author/Artist: FRANCIS, POPE
ISBN-10: 1626983917
ISBN-13: 9781626983915
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$39.99
Description: In 1987 Pope Francis published a small collection of letters by Jesuit Superiors General written in the eighteenth century at a time of grave suffering for the Society of Jesus as it faced suppression by the Vatican. These documents outlined a spiritual path for the church as a whole in times of confusion and tribulation.

Now Pope Francis has authorized this new edition, to which are added his own reflections in a time of renewed suffering for the people of God, specifically, the scandal of abuse.
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