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An Astonishing Secret DVD
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Author/Artist: O'LEARY, DANIEL
ISBN / ID: 5031446770610
Publisher: Pauline Books Media UK
Binding: DVD
Price: AU$44.95
Description: In these ten video presentations, Daniel O’Leary offers precious and life-changing insights that introduce and explore further themes taken from the heart of his book. A radical new light is today being shed on that Moment of Love 2000 years ago, the Incarnation when God was revealed at the centre of humanity in the person of Jesus. And, long before that, on a much earlier astonishing moment when God first became incarnate in Creation itself.

Royalties from the purchase of this DVD go to the Charities of Daniel O’Leary’s choice.


1. Love Changes Everything
2. Theology Is a Love Story
3. The More Human We Are the More Divine We Become
4. Divinity In a Speck of Dust
5. The Look of Love
6. The Body is Beautiful
7. The Humanity of Jesus
8. Humanity and Nature through the Lens of Incarnation
9. The Home
10. The Bigger Picture
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