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Jerome and His Women
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Author/Artist: JOAN B O'HAGAN
ISBN / ID: 9780646943701
Publisher: Black Quill Press
Price: AU$36.95
Description: Historical fiction about the controversial Saint Jerome is given a contemporary twist. When the Pontiff commissions Jerome to translate the Bible into Latin, it is a political masterstroke set to establish Christianity as a world religion. Yet Jerome is his own worst enemy, and his famously sarcastic wit quickly alienates the ruling elite. As rumours circulate about his relations with the beautiful widow Paula, as devoted to him as she is to his cause, his enemies see their opportunity to dispose of Jerome once and for all...
Includes a Foreword by Richard Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Classics, Australian National University. Thanks to meticulous research, a wicked imagination, and over thirty years of living in Rome, Joan O'Hagan breathes new life into an ancient saint and his world, drawing us irresistibly into a highly-charged world of danger and intrigue while reminding us to question our own values.
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Bernard Devaux 2016-09-20 22:22:54
By all accounts St Jerome was not an easy man to deal with; he was respected but not well liked, except by those close to him. Joan O’Hagan tackles this daunting subject with success, taking us inside the era and culture of the Rome that Jerome knew, so that we even feel support for this difficult personality in his dealings with those in power, those who helped him and those who opposed him. O’Hagan paints vivid portraits of those influential Roman matrons (and their families) who gave him practical support; she shows us a window into a time that was colourful and vibrant, though it could be cruel too. Though O’Hagan’s style is to the point, she also spins an engrossing yarn as we follow the fortunes of this Father/Doctor of the Church.
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