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Bending Towards Justice: How Jesus is More Relevant than ever in the 21st Century
Category: Books > Theology > Social Justice
Author/Artist: KALM, NILS VON
ISBN / ID: 9780648497745
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$24.95
Description: Bending Towards Justice is a series of reflections that call us to look more deeply into what the Gospel is and what it isnít. With clarity and prophetic insight, the author shows us that when Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God, he wasnít talking about a place set aside for us in the sky when we die; he was talking about the very rule of God right here on earth, in the form of justice, peace, and restored relationships with one another and with the very earth itself.

Nils von Kalmís greatest passion is to show how Jesus Christ is relevant to all of life. If Jesus really is who he said he is, and if we really believe it, then it has to affect every aspect of existence, from our relationships to our politics, our economics, our sexuality and our care for the earth. These must all be central Gospel issues and not optional add-ons to the so-called Ďrealí issue of getting people into heaven.

Forged out of two decades of experience in the field of aid and development, as well as his own personal experiences, you will find in these pages a passionate collection of stories and reflections that are at once thoughtful, hopeful, compassionate and confronting. With disarming clarity and honesty, they will challenge you to rethink what the Gospel is and who God is.

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