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Call No One Father Countering Clericalism in the Catholic Tradition
Category: Books > Theology > Priesthood & Religious Life
Author/Artist: HEASLY BERISE
ISBN / ID: 9780648497752
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$34.95
Description: In Call No One Father, Berise Heasly brings unique insights to her consideration of clericalism, based on many years as a professional educator and an informed Catholic layperson. She well understands that confronting clericalism head on will be insufficient to address its root causes and historical development. Rather, with skill and experience, she moves beyond exclusive binary (either/or) ways of thinking to suggest other, gentler approaches, encouraging more transparency and accountability, with soundly based recommendations for seminary formation and the ongoing education and formation of priests and ministers.

Her book is thoroughly based on the teaching, theology and insights of the Second Vatican Council with its emphases on renewal, the centrality of Scripture and the status of lay people as full members of the People of God. She recognises that much of clericalism is about power rather than service; about structures rather than communities; about maintenance rather than looking for new ways, new paradigms to keep alive the Jesus story and the importance for our time.

In the current situation, where many in the churches are demoralised and disheartened, Call No One Father provides a realistic appraisal, informed reflection, strategies for change and reformation, and above all, hope for the community called the Church.
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