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Case for Jesus The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ
Category: Books > Theology > Christology
Author/Artist: PITRE BRANT
ISBN / ID: 9780770435486
Publisher: Image
Price: AU$38.95
Description: In "The Case for Jesus," Dr. Brant Pitre, the author of "Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist," goes back to the sources - the biblical and historical evidence for Christ - in order to answer questions on Jesus and the Gospels. As "The Case for Jesus" will show, recent discoveries in New Testament scholarship, as well as neglected evidence from ancient manuscripts and the early church fathers, together have the potential to pull the rug out from under a century of skepticism toward the traditional Gospels. Above all, Pitre shows how the divine claims of Jesus of Nazareth can only be understood by putting them in their ancient Jewish context.
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