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Paul and the Power of Grace
Category: Books > Scripture > St Paul
Author/Artist: BARCLAY, JOHN M G
ISBN / ID: 9780802874610
Publisher: Wm Eerdmans
Price: AU$49.95
Description: This book's larger forerunner, Paul and the Gift, explored Paul's theology of grace in Galatians and Romans. When published in 2015, it transformed the landscape of Pauline studies. In it, John Barclay lead readers through a recontextualised analysis of grace and interrogated Paul's original meaning in declaring it a "free gift" from God, revealing grace as a multifaceted concept that is socially radical and unconditioned.

Paul and the Power of Grace offers the most significant contributions from Paul and the Gift in more accessible terms. Additionally, Barclay adds further analysis of the theme in Paul's other letters, besides Romans and Galatians, and explores contemporary implications for this new view of grace.
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