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Companion God: A Cross-Cultural Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew REVISED
Category: Books > Scripture > Matthew
ISBN / ID: 9780809145010
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$49.95
Description: Based upon the author's many years of teaching and preaching the Gospel of Matthew, along with his experience of having spent six years living in Nepal and India, the biblical text is accompanied by an engaging and anecdotal presentation drawing upon the practices and customs of the tribal cultures indigenous to that region, such as arranged marriages; animal sacrifices; festivals resembling the Israelite Passover; foot washing; week-long weddings; extended family; smothering hospitality; tribal traditions; and dealing with widespread leprosy. The five narratives and discourses in the Gospel of Matthew leading to the passion, death, resurrection and the Great Commission are considered, along with the major Matthean themes; the Beatitudes; the Lord's Prayer; Jesus' conflicts in dealing with the Pharisees; and insights with practical application to contemporary life.
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