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Handbook for Catholic Preaching
Category: Books > Liturgy > Homiletics
Author/Artist: FOLEY EDWARD (ED)
ISBN / ID: 9780814663165
Publisher: Pueblo
Price: AU$64.95
Description: While admitting particular parameters and priorities for Roman Catholic preachers, this volume was intentionally envisioned as a handbook for "catholic" preaching in the broadest and most universal sense of that term. It covers the role of the Scriptures in preaching, the challenges of preaching in a digital age, sermonizing in an interfaith context, and the need for a liberative and prophetic word that cuts across denominations and even faith traditions.

Intended to aid graduate students in ministerial studies and those who teach or direct the preaching arts, every article contains overview of a particular historical period, genre of preaching, homiletic theory, or contemporary issue. This more encyclopedic approach -devoid of footnotes, yet supported by pertinent bibliography and an extensive index- provides a sufficiently rich yet thoroughly accessible gateway to major facets of the preaching arts at this stage of the twenty-first century.
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