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A Focus on Truth: Thomas Merton's Uncensored Mind
Category: Books > Spirituality > Thomas Merton
ISBN / ID: 9780814688496
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$38.95
Description: Thomas Merton writings were censored from two sources during his lifetime. First, by Merton himself, as he certainly did not write everything down or share all of what he included in his drafts.

Second, Thomas Merton was extensively censored by his religious superiors–a source of great frustration to Merton.

This book presents an uncensored view of his life and thoughts by plumbing his correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues over the years. It covers a variety of topics of concern to him including; On Truth and Conscience, On Spirituality, On Liturgical Renewal, On Church Authority, On Ecumenism, On Priesthood, On the Church, On Monastic Renewal and On Interreligious Dialogue.
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