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Christian Theologies of the Sacraments A Comparative Introduction
Category: Books > Theology > Sacramental Theology
ISBN / ID: 9780814770108
Publisher: New York University Press
Price: AU$59.99
Description: This book delves into the ancient debate regarding the nature and purpose of the sacraments. In a well-crafted volume, a group of renowned scholars map the theologies of sacraments offered by key Christian figures from the Early Church through the twenty-first century. Rather than attempting to distill their voices into a single view, the book provides a clear presentation of each theologian's doctrine of sacraments, explaining the role it plays in the theologian's broader theology and its contribution to present and future contexts of sacraments.

The text places each theology of the sacraments into its proper socio-historical context, illuminating how the church has used the sacraments to define itself and its congregations over time. The scholars also provide a guide to the variety of views about sacraments found throughout Christianity, showcasing the variety of approaches to understanding the sacraments across the Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox faith traditions.

This resource on theologies of the sacraments is a must-read for students, theologians, and spiritually interested readers alike.
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