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Challenge of the Gospel Cycle C Reflections on the Sunday Gospels
Category: Books > Liturgy > Homiletics
ISBN / ID: 9780818909689
Publisher: St Pauls Publications
Price: AU$19.95
Description: The modern temptations towards individualism, materialism, and consumerism often make us deaf to the challenge of the Gospel message to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Father Joseph Slattery’s reflections on the Sunday Gospels show how Luke – whose writings dominate the readings for Cycle C - manifests the compassion and love of Jesus for the poor, the oppressed and the outcasts of this world. The approach is not that of a commentary on the biblical texts but of reflective essays for each Sunday.

These draw on the inspiration of the biblical texts and already provide application to Christian life. Homilists looking for leads or others simply wanting some solid spiritual reading will appreciate this book.
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