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The Acts of the Apostles: An Introductory Commentary
Category: Books > Scripture > Luke
ISBN / ID: 9780869402887
Publisher: Chevalier Press
Price: AU$27.50
Description: This is a companion volume to "The Gospel according to Saint Luke: and Introductory Commentary" by the same author. In this volume, Fallon recounts the continuing action of the risen Jesus in the life of the church. Upon close examination, claimed discrepancies between “Acts” and what we know of Paul from Paul’s own letters disappear and Luke’s work is revealed as a rich resource for our understanding of Paul from one of Paul’s collaborators. It is important to realise that the centre of attention in “Acts” is not Paul or any other apostle. Luke never allows our attention to stray from gazing with wonder at what the Spirit of the risen Christ is doing in the world to continue Jesus’mission of revealing God as a God of love who is constantly drawing people together into a community of love.
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