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1000 Facts about the Bible
Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
ISBN / ID: 9781426318658
Publisher: National Geographic
Price: AU$29.95
Description: National Geographic Kids has produced a children’s reference book about the Bible. Without espousing a particular religion or faction, National Geographic and the authors provide short, clear descriptions of Biblical content. It is a daunting task, but it succeeds. Readers will not be overwhelmed, as each group of facts is covered within two pages, never more. The table of contents offers subjects such as Laws and Commandments, Weapons, Jobs, and even Plants and Flowers. Women in the Bible are not forgotten, and Facts about the Apostles, Biblical journeys, and Dastardly Deeds abound. The illustrations are colourful, although some pages can seem a little congested due to the amount of information. The authors provide annotations from the Bible for each section, which will help teachers and parents connect the facts to the books of the Bible. The glossary is clear and not too long. Children can use this reference for reports, discussion, or their own reading. Suitable especially for ages 10-14.
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