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Christian Understandings of Christ: The Historical Trajectory
Category: Books > Theology > Christology
Author/Artist: JENSEN, DAVID H
ISBN / ID: 9781451482768
Publisher: Fortress Press
Price: AU$42.95
Description: In our Christian and Catholic communities today conversations can become polarised around the person of Christ. This invariably is the result of people speaking from different Christological perspectives and understandings. David Jensen in his book traces clearly the Christology which was espoused in each of the Christian epochs. He begins with the New Testament portrayals of Jesus and moves through the change of emphasis in the Patristic and Medieval periods. He then traces the Christology emphasised in the Reformation and Enlightenment periods before looking at the twentieth century and beyond. Jensenís book helps us discover the constancy which underpins the person of Christ from biblical times to the present day, while at the same time pointing to the evolution of the portrait and understanding of Christ throughout the centuries.

Recommended Uses
Lecturers and Students in the field of Christology.
Personal enrichment
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