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Death and Life: Resurrection Restoration and Rectification in Paul's Letter to the Galatians
Category: Books > Scripture > St Paul
Author/Artist: BOAKYE, ANDREW K
ISBN / ID: 9781498290005
Publisher: Pickwick Publications
Price: AU$43.95
Description: The resurrection of Jesus is arguably the most significant component of the Christian narrative and is critical for Paul's presentation of the Gospel. Yet it is routinely marginalised in study of the polemics of Galatians, largely because it is explicitly mentioned only once, and even then, only obliquely. This investigation redraws the boundaries of its impact in the letter, showing the risen Christ to be an indispensable feature of how Paul's argument unfolds and achieves its ultimate objective--establishing a rationale for the creation of a multiethnic eschatological family of God, which is grounded in Israel's biblical tradition.
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