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As Leaven in the World: Catholic Perspectives on Faith Vocation and the Intellectual Life
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
Author/Artist: LANDY, THOMAS (ED)
ISBN / ID: 9781580510899
Publisher: Sheed & Ward
Price: AU$63.95
Description: Illuminating essays by passionate and well-recognised American Catholic intellectuals on the interaction between faith and work.
Divided into four parts:
- Seven Opportunities,
- Marks of the Faith,
- Spiritualities: Ora giving life to Labora,
- Discipleship and the Practices that sustain us.

As Leaven in the World envisions Catholicism as a cultural force that shapes morality, the arts, creativity, cultural conversation, social justice, spirituality, and vocation. And it invites educational leaders and intellectuals to take seriously their vocation indeed, their holy work of teaching others how to understand and engage the world from a Catholic perspective."
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