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A Larger Hope? VOL 1 Universal Salvation from Christian Beginnings to Julian of Norwich
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
Author/Artist: RAMELLI, ILARIA L E
ISBN / ID: 9781610978842
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: AU$59.95
Description: In the minds of some, universal salvation is a heretical idea that was imported into Christianity from pagan philosophies by Origen (c.185253/4). Ilaria Ramelli argues that this picture is completely mistaken.

She maintains that Christian theologians were the first people to proclaim that all will be saved and that their reasons for doing so were rooted in their faith in Christ.

Ramelli treats the reader to explorations of Origenian universal salvation in a host of Christian disciples, including Athanasius, Didymus the Blind, the Cappadocian fathers, Evagrius, Maximus the Confessor, John Scotus Eriugena, and Julian of Norwich.
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