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A Liturgical Companion to the Documents of the Second Vatican Council
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ISBN / ID: 9781616713140
Publisher: Liturgy Training Publicat
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Description: The Second Vatican Council was arguably one of the most significant events in the Catholic Church during the twentieth century. The Council produced sixteen documents that articulated significant issues facing the Church and r-epositioned Catholic theology in light of the modern world. Most notably, the first document of the Council, Sacrosanctum Concilium, emphasized the liturgy as the source and summit of Christian life. As such, the liturgy is intimately connected to all facets of Church theology and practice.

“This collection of commentaries on the sixteen documents of the Second Vatican Council makes an important contribution to current discourse, both academic and pastoral, on the legacy of that event for both the Church and the world. This is an invaluable companion to studying the documents for young liturgists, liturgical musicians, catechists, and seminarians who are doing so for the first time. For veterans in the field and adult education classes, it offers fresh insights into writings that are already familiar and deeply appreciated.”
—Judith M. Kubicki, CSSF, Associate Professor of Theology, Fordham University
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