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A to Z of People of Faith and Science
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
Author/Artist: KELLY, TERENCE J SJ
ISBN / ID: 9781925643794
Publisher: ATF Press
Price: AU$34.95
Description: The Catholic Church today is accustomed often to being ridiculed and criticised. Well known scientists such as Richard Dawkins treat religion in general, and the Catholic Church’s teachings, as unworthy of any respect, and open to derision and ridicule. One event that suffices for many people to form a totally negative attitude about the Catholic Church and religion is the Church’s two decade battle with Galileo Galilei, ending with his house imprisonment for life in the Middle Ages. It was not until the twentieth century that Pope John Paul II admitted the Church’s mistake in its condemnation of Galileo. Is Galileo the only serious scientist who was a member of the Church? Not at all. My intention in this book is to show there have been serious religious thinkers in every age from the second century, until the present day, who have understood science, accepted its conclusions for their era, and often contributed to its advancement. Even at the time of Galileo himself, there were many other religious men who were grappling with the issues raised by Galileo’s telescope.

This book is intended to be a resource for those interested in science and religion and for those teaching this subject in schools. It is not intended to be a complete or an exhaustive examination of each of the many figures in this area but is only a brief introduction to their life and work. The overwhelming majority of these biographies are of men, and many were priests, which is reflection of society and the Church where few women have had the same opportunities to pursue these interests and to have been recognised for them.
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