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A Basic Guide to the Old Testament
author/artist: SKA, JEAN-LOUIS SJ
publisher: Paulist Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$36.99
A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament
author/artist: PITRE, BRANT & JOHN BERGSMA
publisher: Ignatius Press
binding: HARDBACK
price: AU$109.95
A Friendly Guide to the Old Testament
author/artist: TURNER, MARIE
publisher: John Garratt Publishing
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$29.95
A History of Ancient Israel and Judah
author/artist: MILLER, J & J HAYES
publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$79.95
A History of Prophecy in Israel REVISED
author/artist: BLENKINSOPP, JOSEPH
publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$51.95
Abraham Our Father in the Faith
author/artist: MARTINI, CARLO MARIA
publisher: Coventry Press
binding: HARDBACK
price: AU$44.95
An Introduction to the Old Testament
author/artist: GOLDINGAY, JOHN
publisher: SPCK
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$49.95
Claiming Her Dignity: Female Resistance in the Old Testament
author/artist: CLAASSENS, L JULIANA M
publisher: Michael Glazier
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$48.95
Covenant and Conversation: Genesis - The Book of Beginning
author/artist: SACKS, JONATHAN
publisher: Unknown
binding: HARDBACK
price: AU$50.00
Daniel: Under the Siege of the Divine
author/artist: BERRIGAN, DANIEL
publisher: Plough Publishing
binding: HARDBACK
price: AU$33.00
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